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Safety Warnings

  • We as the manufacturer cannot be hold responsible for damages that are caused by improper assembly or unintended use. The national and international safety requirements must be observed for the installation and assembly of the product. The electrical connection may only be carried out by an authorized and qualified electrician. The lighting fixture must be voltage free prior and during installation. Please ensure that the wires are not damaged during installation.
  • This product is only suitable for connection to a 230v ~50Hz supply and is for indoor use only. Always use only the indicated type of bulb
  • When assembling, cleaning or replacing the lamp, the lighting fixture must be voltage-free and cooled down
  • The lamp can only be installed/placed in dry areas, not suitable for bath room
  • For cleaning use a dry cloth only – do not use liquid or abrasive cleaners
  • Ensure the lamp is placed on a stable, solid surface and under no circumstances must it be covered with any material


Explanation symbols:

Use in dry rooms only

Protection class II: this fixture is especially insulated and may not be connected to a ground wire


Connecting cables

Type Y: To avoid dangers only electric specialists are allowed to replace damaged connecting cables.