We are Risa and Ben, an Indonesian-German couple who founded Light House Design after settling down in Singapore. We met while traveling South East Asia, then lived together on the beautiful island of Bali for two years before we got married and traded Bali’s stunning beaches and delicious sate babi for Singapore’s juicy chili crab and spectacular roof top bars.

Not a bad deal, if you ask us. But there are some things we do still miss about those days. In Indonesia, we spent our weekends roaming the country’s unique home décor shops, especially the antique treasure troves tucked away on the edges of Ubud. Don’t get us wrong, it’s wonderful to shop in Singapore’s world-famous shopping malls, but it is much harder to find that very unique and delicately crafted homeware piece.

That’s why we decided to set up Light House Design PTE LTD. We wanted to promote the beauty of Indonesian craftmanship and bring one of our favorite hand-crafted artefacts to Singapore.

These gorgeous and elegant lamps are manufactured in small studios and workshops in Java and have been successfully exported to Europe, Brazil, and the UK for the past 16 years. They are hand-made from natural materials – mainly capiz shells – and draw on the expertise of local artisans and traditional production methods.

We hope that these precious hand-made natural lamps will give your home a warm glow and relaxed ambiance and bring that dreamy island holiday feel into your everyday life. In addition, our project boosts local Indonesian craftmanship and supports manufacturers who pay their workers and producers a fair living wage.

Currently, these lamps are offered exclusively online, but we are working hard to open a show room very soon. We want to continuously expand our unique product range and grow our company into a Singapore lighthouse for Indonesian lamp design.